As a big fan of Trello and their approach for making life easier with their Boards, recently I discovered that they have a lot of inspiring Boards.

A collection of boards to inspire new and creative uses of Trello in both your personal and work life. All of these boards can be copied and used as a jumping off point for projects of your own. For instructions on how to copy a board please check

Example Board for Site Reliability

One of them is a board example created to manage and maintain systems-related improvements, architecture, and development. So all the tasks related with Site Reliability.

So if you are looking for inspiration and a board for your team to:

  • Establish long-term goals and priorities required to maintain site reliability.
  • Track incoming issues that need immediate attention and delegate tasks to team members.
  • In a glance, see what has been tested, merged, and deployed into production.
  • Connect Jira and Bitbucket to easily access the issue or pull request relevant to each card.

Check the Board and copy to your Trello

Open the Trello Board and check how it is organized. There is a description of the workflow in the first column, so your team will know how to interact.

Open Trello Board

If the links is not working I made a mirror of that board on my public Trello.

Open Board - Personal


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Professionally I have done work for a variety of major organizations including LG, SIEMENS, Sagemcom, Gigaset, Affinegy, KPN, CAT Thailand, France Telecom, Telkom South Africa, Orange Mauritius, VOCUS NZ, TwinLakes and GVTC.

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